My name is Shannon Taylor Hodnett. I am an independent YA author…this is my official BIO, but you will learn much more about me just by being here. 😎


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✭ I’m an Oklahoma girl gone south, to the beautiful beaches of Galveston, Texas.  My husband is a writer with a day job…my son is a busy student/gamer and my absolute most favorite human…the furry family faction includes two handsome tomcats, one Pit Bull mix, and one Chihuahua—who all surely must love each other somewhere deep, deep, down. 〜 After my freshman year at the University of Oklahoma, I abandoned college life for a lucrative career in waitressing. One day—inspired by advice from family and an armed forces episode of Family Feud—I joined the Navy where, after two weeks of boot camp, out of the blue I was diagnosed with a rare, incurable kidney disorder and honorably kicked out. 〜 Over the next two decades, I met and married my other half, Jeff…gave birth to our amazing son, Jack…and got a shiny new kidney from the best friend I could have and now kid-sister, Robin. ♥ 〜 With this new chance at life, and an appreciation for everything and everyone around me, I rediscovered my passion for writing. I worked really hard to write and publish my first novel…and now I’m writing its sequel!

Now writing is like breath to me. I’ve got an overflow of stories filling up my to-be-written list. I can’t imagine putting down my pen until my own life story comes to an end…until then, you’ll find me writing! ✭


Contact me: shanonawriter@yahoo.com