The Tourniquet Tales

Tourniquet Tales… …are stories from the road I’ve been traveling down the past fourteen years since my kidney transplant surgery. All the good stuff, the not so good stuff, and the stuff in-between. This is my attempt to chronicle my experiences and share them…in hopes that hearing my stories might be helpful and some kindContinue reading “The Tourniquet Tales”

Me & Moon

my feet touch the ground, but my soul soars among the stars given to you like my heart, without fear the gilded edges of your light washing me anew are a baptism beneath your pearlescent brilliance giving me a glow that outshines the millions of stars painted on tonight’s canvas sky winding lazily around myContinue reading “Me & Moon”

STH Update

Just a quick look at what’s been happening…and what’s coming up in my writing world.  #1 …I have been working on the sequel to Solitary Sky. I know it seems like it’s been forever since I started, but there have been a lot of breaks taken due to illness and hurricane flooding…stuff like that!  But I haveContinue reading “STH Update”