Social Media Privacy Policies

I currently use the following social media sites as listed:



As these are all separate web sites independent of my web site and author blog, and independent of one another, it is up to you to know and understand each site’s individual privacy policies. As with, I do not knowingly personally collect, store, or process any personal data on these sites. All data collected via these sites and the tools and applications available to me on the site/page/profile management interfaces available to me through my accounts. Any data would be used through the tools and applications provided, such as to reply to a comment, send a private message, tag you in a post or photo, mention you in a comment/post/photo, or through analytical tools provided by the web site for the purpose of understanding who follows my page, where they are generally located, and how they interact with my page/posts.

With the exception of Instagram (see below), I do not personally use any third-party analytical tools or plugins to analyze or process your data, nor would I ask for your personal information beyond what you choose to provide to me for whatever reason.

If you wish to unfollow or unfriend me at any of these sites, you can typically do so by clicking on my profile and clicking on the unfriend/unfollow/unsubscribe button. If you wish to delete any posts, comments, likes, or other interactions, you will have to do that on a post-by-post basis. You can generally find instructions via the help section of the web site in question.



From time-to-time, I may host a giveaway on one of my social media platforms. I will ask potential entrants to follow me, like a particular photo post, and either re-post the photo or tag friends in the comments. Completing these tasks will qualify the person as an entrant in the giveaway. When the entry period closes, the names of applicable entrants will be copied and pasted into a third-party application (such as the miniwebtool random name picker) so that winners may be randomly chosen. The winners will then be notified privately via direct message feature if possible, and will be asked to provide either an e-mail address or a physical home address so that I can send their prize to them. This information will not be stored in my personal system, nor will it be given to or sold to a third-party. Once that information is sent through direct message, I do not know if there is a way to erase it, so it may be stored there for some period of time. You may review the privacy policy of the specific social media site to find out more about privacy within their direct messages feature.


Third-Party Analytics

For Instagram and Twitter, I do use a third-party application called Crowdfire App. This application integrates with both accounts to tell me who I follow, who follows me, who I follow but who doesn’t follow me back, who follows me but I don’t follow back, mutual followers (I follow them, they follow me), unfollowers (who has recently unfollowed me), and also shows me how often people are or are not liking/commenting on my posts. I use this data to help me streamline my Instagram & Twitter interaction. It allows me to limit the time I spend on those who aren’t reciprocating. It alerts me to followers I may have missed and may want to follow back, and it allows me to realize which of my Instagram/Twitter friends I may have forgotten or unintentionally neglected. I do not knowingly personally collect, store, or process any of this data and only use it within the parameters of the application.
My book is available via They have their own independent privacy policy which you may view here. I do not knowingly personally collect any data about who buys my books or who reads them via Kindle Unlimited, however author-related applications within the Amazon platform do allow me to see when sales were made, whether they were print or e-book sales, and how many pages were read on KU. I cannot, however, see information about who purchased or read my book.

If you choose to leave a review on my book at, your review will be posted on the web site on my book’s sale page, and anyone may see or read your review, including me. I do not respond to reviews or personally use your data in any way.



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