Me & Moon

my feet touch the ground, but my soul soars among the stars

given to you like my heart, without fear

the gilded edges of your light washing me anew

are a baptism beneath your pearlescent brilliance

giving me a glow that outshines the millions of stars

painted on tonight’s canvas sky

winding lazily around my astral body, the lure known well to lovers & lupine

is like a meandering serpent rope, aglow with shimmering scales

and dubious destination

all at once I’m abandoned, falling into darkness with the twinkling of the stars

set on pause〜all I see of you is a sliver in the distance…

and suddenly I’m bounce-landing on the downy fluff

of a passing midnight cloud

I gaze in wonder as its silvery lining illuminates the whole sky,

’til stars turn on their twinkle once again

my hero cloud chauffeurs me through the ocean of night sky

carrying me ever closer to you

so I might behold your beaming face in its beauty and fullness

steal away with you〜become lost inside a world far from here…

where time is ours alone

down to the moment the cruel morning rips you from my caress

each night belongs to only two

me & moon


Published by ShannonTaylorHodnett 💜

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